About Decorative Feathers
To create ostrich feather centerpieces using feathers, Eiffel tower glass vases, straight handle Wedding
Belle bouquet holders and centerpiece table mirrors.

Start by placing the longest feathers along the bottom edge of the floral foam in the bouquet holder. You
want to work your way around the bouquet holder bottom and place the longer feathers around the bottom.

As you move to the top of the bouquet holder your feathers can get shorter. The bouquet holder will fit in
the top of vase. The Maestro or Eiffel tower glass vases and the fluted trumpet vases are weighted so they
will hold your arrangement in place.

Make your feather arrangements a few days before the event so the feathers have time to relax and get
the proper shape.  On the day of the event place your floralytes in the vase (bouquet holder fits in the top).

Fill the vase with crystal fibers to help the light illuminate it. You can also use a vase light to illuminate it
from the bottom up. Place a floralight in the feathers themselves for an extra accent light.

You will need 15-30 ostrich feathers per arrangement. 40 if you want it extra full. The longest feathers
should be plumes not spades. Spades are shorter with a thicker center quill. You want the side feathers to
flow downward.
Creating Ostrich Plumes Centerpiece
Cleaning Ostrich Feathers

Despite how well the ostrich feathers are stored they will eventually need to be cleaned. We will now outline
a couple of methods as to how this can be achieved. If the feathers are carrying dust or other easily
removable dirt then we would recommend brushing them. The best brushes to use would be a large artist's
paintbrush (dry!) with natural bristles or, a soft baby brush. A soft brush is needed so that the plumage
isn't damaged during the cleaning. Supporting the ostrich feather in one hand, brush in the direction of the
plumage whilst applying a gentle pressure. After a few strokes the dust should be starting to clear from the
feather. Take care not to apply too much pressure or brush against the plumage as this is likely to damage
the feather.

Many people choose to clean their ostrich feathers using water. We would not recommend this unless it is
really necessary.
Feather Bouquets

Feather bouquets are especially popular alternatives to fresh flower bouquets in the United Kingdom. Many
of the on-line feather bouquet vendors are headquartered in the United Kingdom. Feather bouquets are
starting to become more popular in the United States as more brides look for additional ways to personalize
their wedding bridal bouquets and want alternatives to fresh flower bouquets.

Feather bouquets are available in a variety of shapes just as traditional fresh flower bouquets come in a
variety of shapes and styles. Full and fluffy feathers can give a soft dreamy quality to the feather bouquet.
Brides can also go with individual feather plumes like peacock feathers for a long, lean style as an
alternative to the hand-tied fresh flower bouquet shape. While feather bouquets alone can be quite lovely,
feathers are often used in conjunction with other materials like silk flowers and wired crystals. Feathers can
add a lovely textural element to any bouquet, not just a feathers-only bouquet.

An advantage of using feathers for the wedding bouquet is that feathers are available in a huge variety of
colors. There are solid and multi-colored feathers. Multi-colored feathers offer richness to the feather
bouquet that single-color feathers may lack. Brides can also combine
multiple shades or colors of feathers to achieve a richer look for their feather bouquet. Some vendors offer
custom-dyed feathers as options for brides seeking a specific shade.

Another trend with feather bouquets is some brides are skipping wearing a veil and are opting to wear a
coordinating feather headpiece to go with their feather bouquet. If the bride wants a veil for the ceremony,
she can always remove it for the reception and then wear a feather headpiece to coordinate with her
feather bouquet. This is an elegant vintage-look that evokes a Jane Austen style to the wedding day. It also
allows the bride to further personalize her attire for her special day.

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Ostrich feathers in white or ivory
mixed with raw silk style flowers
with organza ribbon and crystals.
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